Our real-time Q&Ai platform helps brands crowdsource the worlds best answers from staff, customers, and our community driving sales & lowering costs

Welcome to Engagement 3.0

Real-time Engagement

Our embed widget lets people see "is typing" from the community in real-time and keeps visitors engaged. This reduces chat queues and boosts authenticity.


Answerable community members and brand fans get instant push notifications with questions sent directly to their phones, creating a global distributed network.

My Trust Score

Every person on the Answerable platform is building their own personal credit score based on their interactions, helping to build a global trusted community.

& Control

Answerable supports full moderation and brand safety controls. You can even reward fans who help protect your brand through analytics & moderation.

Answerable can help you tackle these issues

Welcome to the Community

Answerable isn’t a typical SAAS platform – we’re a web3 community like Redditt or Quora.  Your brand becomes a member of our community and you get instant greater exposure in our community.  

Every question becomes an opportunity to grow your brand!


Your brand membership also gives you exposure and support in Answerable’s large community giving you free awareness and an opportunity to find new customers.


All contributions and members are subject to moderation and My Trust Score.  Web3 celebrates individual contributions as people engage and create value together.
Gamification & Rewards

Leverage your existing loyalty program to create rewards for existing customers, or partner with us to launch a new topic or product within the community.