All the world is answerable.
Let us explain.

E-commerce has boomed and so has our frustration shopping as thousands of questions go unanswered whether we ask on Twitter, Facebook, or directly on a brands own website.   As a result we've abandoned shopping carts because social media teams and call centers simply don't have the product knowledge or scale to respond to our questions 1:1 at scale.   

We believe there is a better way.  With one platform, Answerable makes online shopping better for brands, customers, and people who simply love products.   

After a decade of helping the top CPG brands in the world launch hundreds of influencer marketing and product sampling campaigns, Alex de Bold, Answerable's founder, realized a gap as we moved to a real-time messaging based world.

Why not connect consumers to each other in a brand safe messaging platform in realtime?    

The world's best brands are customer obsessed, yet few are truly customers first. Most are under-resourced. And none can provide a customer’s point-of-view.

Answerable is a collaborative conversational commerce platform enabling customers to engage and chatting in line, sharing honest advice and guiding each other. It’s an open marketplace for advocacy. Advocates get hired and compensated. Customers get authentic insight. Brands’ sales lift.

It’s an ideological shift we’re proud to be a part of.



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CMO, Advisor, 5 & Vine
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Key Financial
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Product Maestro
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Toft Advisory
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