All the world is answerable.
Let us explain.

E-commerce has boomed and so has our frustration shopping as thousands of questions go unanswered whether we ask on Twitter, Facebook, or directly on a brands own website.   As a result we've abandoned shopping carts because social media teams and call centers simply don't have the product knowledge or scale to respond to our questions 1:1 at scale.   

We believe there is a better way.  With one platform, Answerable makes online shopping better for brands, customers, and people who simply love products.   

After a decade of helping the top CPG brands in the world launch hundreds of influencer marketing and product sampling campaigns, Alex de Bold, Answerable's founder, realized a gap as we moved to a real-time messaging based world.

Why not connect consumers to each other in a brand safe messaging platform in realtime?    

The world's best brands are customer obsessed, yet few are truly customers first. Most are under-resourced. And none can provide a customer’s point-of-view.

Answerable is a collaborative conversational commerce platform enabling customers to engage and chatting in line, sharing honest advice and guiding each other. It’s an open marketplace for advocacy. Advocates get hired and compensated. Customers get authentic insight. Brands’ sales lift.

It’s an ideological shift we’re proud to be a part of.

Trust has always converted

For as long as commerce existed, we have relied on word of mouth, whether it was in person or a text between friends asking for advice. We're biologically hard-wired to trust those we know, some opinions outweighed others. 

So let's just go ahead and admit that a) we live in a messaging first world and expect to get answers in seconds not days and hours and b)  The more your put customers front and center the more you sell.

Your customers are your best sales people.

For the longest time we've known that the best experiences in-store or online lead to the best results - higher customer satisfaction, average order value, and less returns!  Many brands have been doing their best to automate and robotize and/or automate shopping - cutting people out of the process or worse yet overwhelming call centres with questions that they just can possibly answer.   

 Answerable lets you invite, on-board, and integrate your customers 1:1 at scale bring the old saying "Many hands make like work" to life in a win-win situation for everyone.

It’s our big bet that letting customers interact directly in real time will supercharge businesses, create new income opportunities, and humanize an e-commerce world barreling toward automation.

A new open identity platform: My Trust Score

We believe that trust and the data used to build it should be transparent, quantifiable, and help build a faster, friendlier shopping experience.  

There are millions of great customers who could drive a brand forward, but they're overlooked because they don't have a blue checkmark. It’s our belief brands should know who their evangelists are, and those fans should get a little credit.

Speaking about credit, for years banks have been using a one sided credit scoring system where you could only buy something if you had a good credit rating from companies like Equifax or Experian. 

We're building a new identity platform where brands, consumers and influencers can share in an open data framework of trust.  By creating a Blockchain-backed record of chats and sales, we’re able to share the first quantified, real-time view of who’s helping brands grow.

We pledge that;
1. Brands can use My Trust Score to build new foundational relationships with consumers over time to identify, rewards and maintain meaningful relationships with influencers and consumers.
2. Consumers and influencers will own their own personal My Trust Score and they can choose to engage with brands sharing as much or little data they choose in order to build the best possible brand for themselves online.  

Who's building Answerable

Meet the forward-thinking bunch placing big bets on real people.

Alex de Bold

Founder & CEO
Alex is a serial entrepreneur who launched his first startup in 1996 while completing his final year of his undergrad – the project? Selling textbooks to students using the internet and attempting to convince Canada Post to use its infrastructure. Since then Alex honed has worked for brands large and small across CPG, alcohol, energy and pharma.

Kevin Muscat

Kevin has been leading digital teams nearly his entire career building and delivering multi-stakeholder projects in complex regulatory environments. Kevin leads the seamless delivery of answerable for our customers. Kevin has managed digital teams of 15+ developers and OPEX of $10 million+ in highly regulated environments and today he ensures a smooth delivery from product ideation to client delivery – the key to customer success.

Ahmad Nassri

Ahmad worked with Alex to create ChickAdvisor in 2006 which was recognized as one of Canada’s top 100 startups. From that project Ahmad embarked on an impressive journey becoming a leader within the open source and Toronto tech community. Ahmad recently completed a year long project as CTO of NPM – the largest javascript repository on for millions of developers world wide.

Rahul Raj

Rahul is founder of 5&Vine, our fractional CMO and investor in answerable. During his tenure at ecobee as VP marketing he started with a $300K budget to a multi-million dollar business with 30% marketshare. Rahul also held progressively senior roles with Walmart recognized a top performer.

Alex de Bold

Founder, Serial Entrepreneur

Kevin Muscat

Client Success / Ops

Enrico Sacchetti

Full Stack Developer

Marco Donnici

Full Stack Developer

Brendan Ho

UX/UI Designer

Shandiz Mehrabadi

Full Stack Developer


Rahul Raj

CMO / Advisor, 5 & Vine

Ahmad Nassri


Daniel Dubois

Key Financial

Joel Silver


Web Smith

Advisor, 2pm

Connie Kwan

Product Maestro

Parm Gill

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