Welcoming a new partner to our

conversational marketing platform


At Answerable, we set out to help ecommerce companies close more sales by tapping into the power of community. We created an on-demand platform that connects customers with questions while they’re shopping online.

Today, we're incredibly excited to welcome Brand Innovators Group to Answerable - the world's best conversational marketing platform.

Brand Innovators Group is the largest professional community of senior brand marketers with 25,000 of them from across the Fortune 500. In partnership with Answerable, they've developed an advisory group to help shape the future of conversational commerce. This partnership will enable us to drive adoption of Answerable by brands and onboard tens of thousands of customer advocates as we ramp up for Holiday 2021.

“I think what Answerable is doing is fascinating,” said Stephen Strauss, SVP/Executive Director, Brand Innovators Member Services. “They’ve literally merged the ratings and reviews space with nano-influencer recommendations to create a “safe space” for consumers to learn more in real time, and feel comfortable about their purchase. Given the obvious influx in e-commerce presence and sales over the past 12 months, it’s a solution that every brand, large or small, should think about implementing.”

Paired with the velocity of our current round, we’re looking forward to continuing our acceleration of sales, solidifying new partnerships, and establishing Answerable as the conversational marketing platform of choice in the industry.

To learn more about Answerable and how it can help you close more sales, click here.

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