My Trust Score

It's a credit score for knowledge and skill.

Why It Matters


My Trust Score is the first totally open record showing just how damn special you are in getting & giving great advice.  It’s yours, and no one can take that away.  You don’t need to wait for the blue check from thousands of followers.


We’ll be unlocking special rewards that are exclusive to our community members.  The more you help grow the community, the higher your trust score, the greater your reward.

Brand Collaboration

We’re actively in discussions with brands who will be joining the platform in 2022 as we come up with all sorts of fun ways to engage and reward you.  Your My Trust Score is our primary indicator.

Community Leadership

Community members who are consistently leaders in topics like Yoga, with a high trust score, will be invited to felp the future direction of topics and the platform.

How Do I Get My Trust Score

  • Just be an active commuity member of people asking and answering questions with other shoppers from around the world.
  • Look for tasks and Brand introduction newsletters coming to your inbox soon. 
  • Spend 5-10 minutes a week completing tasks in the app.
  • Check in when you can, and take part in a few activities weekly.

Can I Do My Own Thing, At My Own Pace?

Totally!!  Also by downloading the apps, you will even get notified on your smart phone of questions when they come through and decide on which ones if any, you want to answer.