People powered conversational commerce. 

Answerable is the first on-demand brand advocacy platform.
The world's best brands are customer obsessed, yet few are truly customers first. Most are under-resourced. And none can provide a customer’s point-of-view. Answerable is a collaborative conversational commerce platform enabling customers to engage and chat in line, sharing honest advice and guiding each other. It’s an open marketplace for advocacy.
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Q: What is paid organic?

A: In short, on-demand brand advocacy. The millions of people shopping online is only going to grow. Answerable turns your fans into your store’s digital greeters and guides. It’s a scalable, personal one-to-one approach.
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More influential than influencer marketing

Influencers’ posts are about what a brand wants to say. Answerable is about what customers want to hear. Endorsement from advocates comes at the most important moment - while a customer is browsing.
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Answerable is the future of commerce

Hear us out. There are millions of micro-influencers who drive brands forward without getting anything in return. You’re one, too. When you recommend something to a friend, you’re being Answerable.
That’s why we made Answerable an ecosystem where anyone can earn, just by chatting on our platform. It’s free of links, codes, or things to copy and paste. It is invisible and elegant.
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Chat with someone who 
bought this product

Most brands dismiss their existing customers and biggest fans entirely, prioritizing more difficult ways to grow. Answerable fixes that.

From skincare and clothing to home goods and electronics, Answerable returns “influence” to its actual meaning: advice from those who know, at the point you need it. Which is “now.”
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Supercharging the Savviest Brands

Say Hello to MyTrustScore

It’s the metric that will matter. A function of responsiveness, conversions, and feedback, MyTrustScore helps brands identify the right advocates on demand.
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Ready to scale?

We know it’s a new way to think. We’re here to show you how Answerable moves brands and their customers forward, just by hosting the conversations people are already having.
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One-to-one wins over one-to-many.
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