The Evolution of Conversational Commerce

The Evolution of

Conversational Commerce


There’s no denying the challenges retailers are faced with today, particularly around balancing labour costs with the ability to deliver in-store expertise you can count on. In fact, recent studies have shown that superior customer experience brings in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience.

In the wake of COVID-19, where in-store traffic drastically dropped and a consumer’s experience of a brand moved entirely online, customer experience has become even more important. We recently shared an article discussing how brands typically frequenting trade shows are increasingly searching for discovery options online, and how the success of brands comes with “creating brand advocates in the sales associates”.

As a result of all of this, there’s a growing gap between ecommerce’s boom and consumer satisfaction, and a gap waiting to be filled.


So, what’s the solution?

As well as a gap that’s growing between online shopping and satisfied consumers, there’s a gap emerging between customer engagement and authenticity.

To date, retailers have tried call centers but found them hard to scale and, at $15 per contract, expensive. AI bots or chatbots are another approach, but are typically full of heavily scripted responses that can be frustrating for those on the receiving end. Sure, they do the job, but they’re leaving authenticity at the door.

What if you could leverage the insight and power of brand advocates anytime, across the globe, and bring that into a platform that’s more cost-effective than call centers, more engaging than chat-bots, and does away with the high cost and turnover of in-store sales associates?

Question, meet Answerable

Answerable is the world’s first on-demand brand advocacy platform rewarding customers who know your brand best to share their insight with others. It’s a platform that combines the essence of Slack and Upwork to turn organic conversations into conversions for your brand. Here’s how:


Answerable closes more sales for brands.

Every year, brands lose millions of dollars from questions that are left unanswered. With Answerable, which lives as a Google Chrome extension at critical points of purchase, you can rest assured that won’t be happening.


Answerable embraces the gig economy.

There are currently 40m people who are unemployed or underemployed in the US alone. Answerable is opening up an entirely new revenue stream for those and anyone else who wants to get involved.


Answerable is founded on authenticity.

Every interaction on Answerable is powered by real people. With just one click, a customer with questions will be interacting directly with someone who knows the answers about the product they’re querying about.

When you think back to the customer engagement & authenticity gap, you’ll see Answerable sits in the middle. It’s customer-powered, scales well, and is cost-effective.


How are the quality of answers measured?

You might be wondering how, with so many interactions and conversations taking place for different brands, we can assess and quantify the quality of the insight being shared.


That’s where MyTrustScore comes in.

MyTrustScore is a track record of how helpful an advocate’s past answers have been. Think of it as Google’s rank page, but for people. It’s a way for brands to verify community members know what they’re talking about and is an incentive for advocates to improve their responses. MyTrustScore changes and adapts with the advocate over time. The better the answers given, the higher the MyTrustScore!


Are you ready?

The future of conversational commerce is here and we want you to be a part of it. To book a demo and see the Answerable solution tailored to your brand, click here.

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