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Ferry-Morse is the oldest operating seed company, having been in continuous operation since 1856, before the American Civil War. Along with our history comes a wealth of knowledge, innovations, and experience. Ferry Morse has been a recognized name in farms and households for many generations. What has always been at the center of the Ferry-Morse brand are quality and integrity.

You can find out more about the company by visiting there website at https://ferrymorse.com/

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Prizes will be drawn monthly, the first 5 questions answered will earn you an
entry into the monthly draw.  For every additional question you answer during the
month, you will receive an additional entry in our prize draw.  You can review the
full contest rules here:   https://joinanswerable.com/gardening-challenge-contest-rules/

We expect everyone to have varying degrees of gardening skills who
join as ambassadors.  That is the beauty of being part of a gardening
community and part of our ambassador channel.

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You can do this whenever a notification comes in.

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