My Trust Score

What is My Trust Score?

My Trust Score is literally what it sounds like.   Answerable is committing to building a new web3 distributed infrastructure that supports knowledge and accountability.  It’s no accident that our company name is answerable.  Answerable means;

     a) To be able to answer questions

     b) To be held to account 

Every user on the answerable platform gets a My Trust Score, similar to a personal credit score with banks, which goes from 0 to 800 points.  

Members can boost their Trust Scores based on;

     – Being active in the community 

     – Helping flag content for brands 

     – Answering questions 

     – Receiving up votes 

     – can earn badges in specific topics, say Beauty, once they receive 

Why does this matter for members?

     – Too often we look at ratings and review in aggregate but don’t really know if the person giving advice is an expert or “like me”

     – My Trust Score is tied to a members advice in the community at large and a clear as day 


Why does this matter for brands? 

    – Brands can use My Trust Score the same way a bank would use your personal credit score

    – Brands can use My Trust Score to help identify top staff or customers 

    – Brands can use My Trust Score as a mechanism for rewarding staff or customers 

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