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It’s easy to sign up, and by establishing yourself or your company on the the platform, you’ll immediately begin to build trust. 

Community members grow their Answerable profiles and Trust Scores with every conversation they have, and Brands are able to easily identify community members who could be great Ambassadors for their brand.


How It Works

For Brands

STEP 1 - Connect Your Brand

A simple line of code embedded in your company’s web presence and an excel list of your products connects you.

STEP 2 - Identify & Invite Your Brand Advocates

You can invite brand advocates you may already know, or engage community members who show a love of your brand.

STEP 3 - More Revenue & Lower Costs

Brands realize numerous advantages using the platform such as reduced response times, and highly satisfied consumer feedback.  All geared to closing more online sales and lower operating costs such as returns.

For Consumers

STEP 1 - Share Your Knowledge

Shoppers ask questions on Answerable, and rate the speediness and helpfulness of the answers you provide.

STEP 2 - Get Noticed

Signaling to brands the topics you’re an expert at answering questions on.

STEP 3 - Get Rewarded For Your Answers!

Earn and redeem points for discounts and gift cards from your favorite brands.

What is MyTrustScore?

Whether you’re big on beauty or tuned into the latest tech, Answerable gives you the flexibility to answer questions about topics that interest you.

Over time, we’ll connect you with questions that match your expertise, and you’ll earn points for giving quick, helpful answers. Redeem your points for discounts and gift cards on Answerable Marketplace!

Start building your MyTrustScore today by creating a free Answerable advocate account.