Meet Answerable, The World’s First On-demand Brand Advocacy Platform

Tapping into the power of community

to close more sales.


If we told you 90% of purchasing decisions are influenced by other people, would you believe us? Whether it’s influence from friends, family or real people leaving reviews online, it’s a reality that outranks all other forms of marketing. In short, there’s nothing as impactful as social proof.

Pair that with a recent boom in e-commerce (in June 2020, retail websites generated a record 22bn visits) and a growing frustration of having questions unanswered across social media or via a brand’s contact form and you start to see an opportunity.

How many times have you abandoned a shopping cart because you’ve not found the answer to a question you have? How many times have you quit a browser window because a brand isn’t getting back to you?


Question, meet Answerable.


As people who genuinely faced these issues, we believed there was a better way to do things. We asked ourselves, what if we could connect customers with questions to people who have the answers in real-time?

We believed we could create a platform to make online shopping better for:

  • Brands with a growing demand to keep up with questions submitted through their site and social media
  • Customers who need answers from real people at critical points of sale
  • People who simply love buying and exploring new products

Answerable is the solution, turning your loyal fanbase into a scalable advocacy platform. It’s a more cost-effective and authentic approach to customer service.

By connecting customers who need answers with real brand advocates who have answers in real-time, we ensure no customer service question ever goes unanswered again. Think of it as a messaging platform, powered by authentic customer insight.

We help brands tap into the influence of their customers so they can answer more questions and close more sales at critical moments.


Real answers from real people.


With just one click, Answerable connects customers to answers. As they’re interacting with real people who actually own the products they’re asked about, customers get the specifics they need instantly.

It functions as a Chrome extension, matching shoppers with existing fans as they browse. As well as connecting customers with an authentic, expert opinion to close sales, you can see which other brands and products are getting noticed in the Answerable community.

The advocates themselves are selected and ranked by Answerable’s MyTrustScore, and are rewarded for their interactions. Think of the score as a metric for success that changes depending on their responsiveness, helpfulness and feedback.

The higher the MyTrustScore, the more opportunities your advocates will receive to help more customers.


The future of customer engagement and influence is here.


Answerable is more influential than influencer marketing.

Where influencer posts today echo what a brand wants to say, Answerable empowers the perspective of the customer. It’s an endorsement founded on authenticity at the most important moment of sale.

What’s better than social proof? Nothing! Word of mouth, Instagram posts and customer reviews are the most impactful forms of marketing. Answerable leverages that while presenting an opportunity and side hustle for advocates in the growing gig-economy.


Ok, I’m sold. Where can I learn more?


There’s no better time to introduce the power of social proof to your products, and embrace the future of commerce. Whether you’re a large, established brand or a start-up, Answerable is a solution that will work for you.

If you’re ready to scale, we’re ready to have you. Request a free demo and join the other brands experiencing a new way to do customer service here.

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