People Are Powering The Future of Online Shopping

People Are Powering

The Future of Online Shopping

Whether it’s Shopify helping independent, passionate mom and pop shops compete with mega brands like Amazon through website integration and online class hosting or Patreon empowering content creators to connect with fans in a way that’s authentic, we’ve seen a number of platforms emerging that believe the future of commerce lies in the power of people.

It’s this same belief that powers Answerable. As our founder Alex de Bold recently stated:

According to a 2019 study by Rakuten Marketing, 80% of consumers made a purchase recommended by an influencer. Similarly, positive reviews make over 90% of consumers more likely to use a business, with over 80% being put off by negative reviews. When you bring all of this together you start to realize how important people’s thoughts and opinions are to businesses. Consumers trust the opinions of real people over brands, and are willing to follow through on that trust if it feels authentic.

It’s that idea that built the foundation of Answerable. We knew there were millions of micro-influencers out there, driving brands forwards with their insight and product expertise without getting anything in return. We also realized there were countless brands leaving questions unanswered or underserved either because they don’t have the necessary resources to keep on top of demand or because they can’t provide a true customer point-of-view. 

By bringing all of this together and choosing to reward micro-influencers for their insight, Answerable is helping brands turn their most knowledgeable and trustworthy customers into a global brand advocacy platform.


But what makes Answerable so necessary for today’s e-commerce landscape?


First, Answerable lives where customers live.

Pinned to a consumer’s browser as a Google Chrome extension, Answerable runs at the critical point of sale, connecting real shoppers to people with real insight at the right time.


Second, Answerable is authentic.

It’s a collaborative conversational commerce platform where customers can share honest advice about products they genuinely love with people who share that interest. It’s a home for conversations like-minded people are already having.


Third, Answerable is cost-effective.

The success of Answerable comes in its ability to turn a brand’s fans into their store’s digital greeters and guides. It’s scalable, personal, and easy to implement. 

While the positive power and impact of influence and customer reviews has long been documented, it’s not something that’s going away. Especially at the moment, with so many of us shopping online and more aware than ever of where to find customer reviews, it’s only going to become more impactful and nuanced. We’re at a time where brands can’t falter when it comes to customer service. 

The future of conversational commerce is here. The future of conversational commerce is Answerable. 

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