An Answerable Update: Recruiting Advisors with Brand Innovators Labs

An Answerable Update: Recruiting Advisors with Brand Innovators Labs


ICYMI, we recently announced that we were welcoming Brand Innovators Group to Answerable. As the largest professional community of senior brand marketers, with 25,000 of them from across the Fortune 500, we talked about how they were developing an advisory group to help us in shaping the future of conversational commerce. 

Today, we’re excited to share some updates on that collaboration and hear directly from our founder on what it means for Answerable’s future. 

With the Brand Advisory Group formed, Brand Innovators Lab has already helped Answerable identify four key stakeholders so far, including Unilever, Kimberly Clark, Billabong Clothing, and Empire. Our executive sponsor from Mead Johnson will also be joining the committee, helping to shape Answerable’s MyTrustScore, and the roadmap for the business side of the marketplace. 

The Answerable Brand Advisory Board is an invitation-only initiative, and focuses on innovators and intrapreneurs interested in developing a new open industry standard for advocacy and trust. We’ve spent the last two years building a next-generation platform for real-time omni-channel commerce, recommendations, managing influencers and trust at scale via blockchain, and can’t wait to see what’s next. 

We’re excited to discover where this takes Answerable, and how it will accelerate this revolutionary brand advocacy platform. We sat down with Alex de Bold, Answerable’s founder, to find out even more about the partnership. 


First, tell us a bit about Answerable in your own words. Why does the e-commerce sector need this now more than ever?

We’ve all done more online shopping in the last year than we had in the last 5 and what we found was a lot of really bad online experiences.  There was nothing more frustrating than having a question and not being able to answer.   


What are some of the ways the Brand Advisory Group has already shaped Answerable?

Co-creation of new products and services is sooo much better than building something and then hoping you’ve built something useful. In our first meeting along the group shared a lot of insights, many of them common, despite being in entirely different vertices.


Similarly, how do you see this collaboration shaping Answerable’s future? 

We really hope to build on our first meeting and really help focus on building things that matter directly today but also form a foundation that can change an industry openly.  We hope to invite more brands to our platform in the near future to really have a solid industry standard.


To learn more about how Answerable is changing the world of conversational commerce for brands, click here.

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