Introducing Answerable: Where Community Meets Commerce

Answerable is where Community meets Commerce


At the beginning of March 2021, Glossy published an article titled So long, trade shows: DTC beauty brands tap into digital tools to reach retailers. It discussed how brands which would typically frequent trade shows are increasingly searching for discovery options online, and that the success of brands comes with “creating brand advocates in the sales associates”.

What if you had a tool to prompt digital discovery and close more sales at your fingertips? What if you had the power of brand advocacy, but without the high cost and turnover of sales associates?

Enter Answerable, the world’s first on-demand brand advocacy platform, tapping into the power of community to raise sales and lower overheads.

As a solution, Answerable works in two ways:

  1. As an app, available for both Apple and Android:
    In the same way Uber matches drivers to riders, the Answerable app matches brand advocates to consumers with questions.
  2. A Chrome extension:
    Similar to the Honey browser extension that stays pinned to your browser, the Answerable extension works in real-time, as you shop. 

The way Answerable works is simple. When a customer has a question while shopping online, they open the Chrome extension and type the question, which sends a notification to the app. Available advocates can choose to answer the question on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

Currently, there are 10 categories Answerable covers. These include Toys, Health & Beauty, Food & Drink, Music & Books & Movies, Pet Care, Moms & Infants, Electronics, Crafts & Party Ideas, Fashion & Clothing, and Home & Housewares. 


Quality over quantity 


An important focus for Answerable is quality over quantity. We always prefer our advocates to take their time answering less questions as best as possible, rather than rush to answer as many as they can. The way in which we assess and quantify that quality is through Answerable’s MyTrustScore. 

Acting as a track record of how helpful an advocate’s past answers have been, our MyTrustScore is a way for brands to verify community members know what they’re talking about. With every interaction someone answers well, their MyTrustScore is improved, giving them more opportunities to answer more questions. 


We’re just getting started


The Answerable community is one that’s as connected and it is growing. 

We’ve recently announced two new partnerships with Brand Innovators Group and Jeff Commerce, which will enable us to drive adoption of Answerable by brands, onboard tens of thousands of customer advocates as we ramp up for Holiday 2021, and establish Answerable as the brand advocacy platform of choice in the industry.


Make sure your brand never misses a question again

Ready to experience Answerable for yourself? Get in touch with us here to book a demo today. 

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